Antique Solid heavy Hand carved Hindu Idol Ganesha Brass temple door handle

Item Code : AA1724
Size :
- Length : 25.0 cm
Weight : 1.000 Kg
Metal : Brass
Finish : Antique

A nice Brass Decorative Door Handle

  • A beautiful and characterful door handle.
  • Created in solid high grade brass, and then carefully polished.
    it really is the cutest door handle and perfect for doors, where space is limited..


  • Made from brass (alloy of copper and zinc)
  • Hand carved Door Handle
  • Carved with traditional designs
  • Door Handle is strong and durable

 About the Metal: Brass is used since 500 BC, it’s an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass contains 60% copper, 39% zinc and 1% impurities. Due to its bright and gold appearance it’s widely used for decoration. Besides being used for domestic purposes it also popular for holy structures and animal figures which holds great ornamental and beautification value globally.

Door Handle

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